Quarantine Information

The entire state of Vermont is within the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) quarantine boundary. The quarantine is to help reduce the movement of infested ash wood to uninfested regions outside of Vermont’s borders. Ash wood may not be moved from Vermont to locations outside the USDA Federal EAB Quarantine Boundary or to Canada without a USDA compliance agreement. The NH Department of Agriculture, Food and Markets has produced a leaflet summarizing How to Legally Transport Wood Products from New Hampshire and Vermont to MaineThe status and extent of Federal and state quarantines outside Vermont are beyond the control of the State of Vermont and may change without notice.

Within Vermont, using low-risk options for transport, use and disposal of potentially infested wood will reduce the movement of EAB. Recommendations to Slow the Spread of Emerald Ash Borer When Moving Ash from the Infested Area can be found here.The Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets retains the authority, in accordance with 6 VSA 1035, to enforce rules against willful and intentional movement of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) or materials visibly infested with EAB. Following "Slow the Spread" Recommendations provides an assurance to the public of compliance with state and federal laws.

For individuals wishing to import ash wood products into Vermont, we have developed a leaflet about Transporting Ash Wood Products into Vermont Safely and Legally. It includes information about slowing the spread of EAB into Vermont, and how to comply with state laws.

The state of Vermont firewood quarantine regulates the movement of untreated firewood into Vermont. Due to the presence of EAB, waivers will not be issued for any ash firewood from infested counties unless it has been heat treated. More information about the Firewood Quarantine can be found here.