Reporting Upland Plants

Think you found an early Detection plant species?

Invasive plants significantly affect Vermont's ecosystems and economy. The primary concern lies with species that are not yet present in Vermont or those that exist in small numbers but show invasive tendencies. Early detection of new infestations increases our ability to slow their spread and potentially eradicate them from affected areas.

Step 1 

Review the list of early detection plants below and confirm the species identification that you think you have found. Please note this list was updated in July 2024.

Step 2

Carefully review common look-a-likes on the species page. There are many native plants that are easily confused with invasive species.

Step 3

Collect one to three clear, identifiable images of the plant species and submit a report at the link below.

Submit a Report here.

Plants designated with an asterisk (*) have been designated as plant pests by the Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets, and are not allowed in Vermont for import, sale or movement without a state permit.