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April 2017 VIEPC Minutes

Boat ramp sign indicating which aquatic invaders inhabit a particular water body.

Sign posted at public boat ramps around Vermont encouraging boaters to make sure that their watercraft and gear are drained, clean, and dry.

Poster notifying paddlers what they can do to limit the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Brief video demonstrating a few simple steps you can take to ensure that you and your watercraft are not transporting invasive species.

A quick identification guide that can be used to differentiate exotic aquatic plants from those native to Vermont.

Instructions for conducting a survey a lake or pond for aquatic plant growth.

Sign alerting the public of the confirmation of Asian clams in Lake Bomoseen in 2016.

Resources for Educators

An educational coloring book that features Vermont invasive plants, animals, and diseases

Resources for Educators

Invasive Species Word Search

A comprehensive key used to identify aquatic plant species found in Vermont waters (both native and non-native).

A guide to the aquatic invasive species of the Lake Champlain Basin.

List of Vermont waterbodies that have at least one invasive species, and which invasive species inhabit which location.

Pictures and description of many of the common aquatic plant species that are native to Vermont.

Informational rack card informing people of the dangers of aquatic invasive species and steps that can be taken to prevent their spread.

Detailed video about the impacts of the Asian carp invasion.

Detailed video of the impact of a round gobies, an invasive fish.

Detailed video about the proliferation of zebra mussels in North America and their associated impacts.

Sign posted at Vermont boat ramps alerting the public of the dangers of spiny waterflea.

Rack card alerting the public to the dangers of spiny waterflea.

Training Manual for the Vermont Public Access Greeter Program, including step-by-step instructions for watercraft inspection and decontamination.