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Welcome to Bud Buds, a podcast that takes you into the realm of invasive plants and their seasonal changes, and what you might be witnessing out your window or in the woods in Vermont.

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Meet the Buds -- Intros and Definitions

Bud Buds and Garlic Mustard

Bud Buds and Wild Parsnip

Bud Buds and Tree of Heaven

Bud Buds and Asiatic Bittersweet

Bud Buds and Shrub Honeysuckle

Get Involved with Tracking Vermont Invasive Plants

How to ID Invasive Plants

Print and pocket this handy Field Guide for 12 invasive plants common in Vermont.

Phenology Projects Happening Now

This is a list of the current phenology/tracking projects. For more details on each project, visit our Volunteer Opportunities page. 

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