Adult Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in helping FPR manage invasive plants in VT?

There are three main ways to volunteer based on what level of involvement you can provide:

Occassional Contributor - 

Mapping for Healthy Forests, Vermont

Help track which invasive plants are present in Vermont and where they are found. You can participate by adding observations in our Mapping for Healthy Forests, Vermont iNaturalist project when you're afoot and afield.  


Seasonal Volunteer - 

Statewide Invasive Plant Phenology Monitoring Project (SIPPMoP)

Knowing how invasive plants are behaving at different latitudes and elevations helps us all understand how plants respond to changes in climate and growing conditions, and allows us all to adjust our treatment plans accordingly. Therefore, in the second full week of each month of the growing season, volunteers observe and submit data on invasive plant phenology (life stage) across the state. That information is tabulated and reported in the monthly FPR Insect & Disease reports. Please be in touch if you’d like to be part of this
collection effort.   


ongoing member of a volunteer network - 

Forest Hero! Network

Looking to provide local leadership in your community on the topic of invasive plants? We provide annual trainings and continuing education opportunities to empower our Forest Hero! Volunteers to motivate their neighbors to engage in invasive plant management. See if the network is right for you!