VT Invasive Plant Control Contractors April 2020

List of Invasive Plant Control Contractors, April 2020

This list indicates contractors/companies that are certified or have certified employees as of April 2020 to apply herbicides to control invasive plants on forest land and idle lands. They have also shown an interest in being listed for the purposes of assisting landowners through NRCS Farm Bill programs. Landowners, before selecting a contractor, check with Anne Macmillan (802-828-3479, anne.macmillan@vermont.gov) of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture to be sure that the specific contractor you are considering has a current commercial license and the appropriate Categories for the job. In general, Category 2, Forest Pests, is required. This will ensure that herbicides are legally applied on your land. For any and all herbicide or pesticide questions contact the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.