Reporting Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Think you found HWA?

  1. Go to HWA Invader Gallery page and check out the identification information.

  2. Still think you have HWA? Check out these HWA look-alikes.


Still think you have HWA?

Call your district Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation Office:

Windsor & Windham Counties: Springfield Office - Forester Jim Esden, or: 802-777-1591

Bennington & Rutland Counties: Rutland Office - 802.786.3851

Addison, Chittenden & Grand Isle Counties: Essex Junction Office - 802.879.6565

Lamoille, Orange & Washington Counties: Barre Office - 802.476.0170

Caledonia, Orleans & Essex Counties: St. Johnsbury Office - 802.751.0110