VT Invasives call for case studies, tell us about your experiences

The problems caused by invasive species are not going away overnight. Vermont is facing a long-term stewardship issue that requires ingenious, thoughtful, and continued focus as we figure out how best to care for our land and water.

Much of Vermont is still relatively invasive free compared to our southern New England neighbors. The opportunity to maintain the existing structure and function of these lands and waterways relies on recognition of the problems, both present and arising.

Public and private landowners need to unite in the struggle to reduce the impact that invasive species have on things like ecosystem services, forest regeneration, the natural resources economy, wildlife habitat, and recreation.

Share your project’s management goals and strategies, costs, successes, and lessons learned. Be part of the conversation, and let’s work together to encourage hope and inspire action.


To learn more about how to submit case studies, contact Elizabeth Spinney, VT FPR (elizabeth.spinney@vermont.gov)


Photo Credit: E. Spinney, VT FPR "Helping the Wetland"