May Freeze Damage

You may have noticed some of our forested hillsides look a bit brown. The widespread frost on May 18th and 19th caused freeze damage to several species of hardwood trees that had just leafed out.

Vermont Woodlands Association is partnering with the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (FPR) to gather more information about the geographic extent of the damage as well as the species involved. Please click the button below to submit a report of the type and severity of damage in your area. FPR Forest Health staff will use the information submitted, as well as other reports, to discuss the issue in their May Insect and Disease report.

Please note: FPR Forest Health staff will not be responding to submitted reports but compiling the information submitted to better understand the extent of the damage. If you have specific forest health questions, please visit the Forest Biology Lab: What's Wrong with My Tree.

Submit Freeze Damage Report