It’s not too late! Join a phenology project today!

Phenology is the study of the life cycle events of living things – like tracking when plants get their leaves, their flowers, and their fruits. Knowing this information gives us a better understanding of the species in our ecosystems, can guide the timing of our invasive plant management work, and can help us track the impacts of climate change on plants in Vermont. In 2022, The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation is spearheading a few projects geared towards tracking the phenology of invasive plants and we need your help!

Pesky Plant Trackers

VT Dept. Forests, Parks & Recreation is helping the researchers for Pesky Plant Trackers bring their efforts to track the phenology of invasive wild parsnip and knotweed in the Northeast, and we need your help!

  make a real difference, today!

Invasive Plant Phenology Monitoring Project

Or take part in our Statewide Invasive Plant Phenology Monitoring Project. During the second full week of each month of the growing season, volunteers note the invasive plant phenology of whatever Vermont county they happen to be in at the time. This gives us a snapshot of plant phenology across the state.

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