Forest Pest First Detectors Course For Outdoor Recreationists

Vermont's battle against forest pests needs you!

Did you know that alert community members are the first to spot most invasive insect infestations? The Forest Pest First Detectors (FPFD) program trains volunteers to protect our forests. If you care about preserving our natural heritage, this free, on-line training is for you!

Course Schedule

  • Course moderated March 16th to April 13th
  • Access to materials until end of 2024
  • 4 Optional Live Webinars:
    • March 19, 12-1pm: Welcome and Accessing Course
    • March TBD: Beech Leaf Disease and Forest Health
    • April 2, 7-8 pm: Treating Ash for Emerald Ash Borer on Trails
    • April 10,7-8pm: Taking Action

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