Emerald Ash Borer Updates

January 11, 2023

New Detections

Six new detections of EAB in Vermont have expanded the existing Infested Area within Caledonia, Chittenden, Orange, Rutland, Washington, and Windham counties. EAB survey tools - purple traps and trap trees - were the source of these detections in the towns of Barnet, Milton, Poultney, Townshend, and Williamstown. A Guilford detection was found in response to a tree health inquiry.

As a result of these new detections, Brookline, St. Johnsbury, Vershire, and Waterford were added to the Infested Area.

New Map and List of Vermont Municipalities with EAB Infestations

To help illustrate where there are actual EAB infestations, we developed a map and list of municipalities with EAB infestations. This map and list depict the municipalities where EAB has been detected as well as the year of detection. The goal of providing this information – along with the EAB Infested Area Map that represents a 10-mile radius around a known EAB infestation -  is to assist Vermonters in understanding the EAB infestations and severity across the state to manage their ash trees in a timely manner. This new map highlights that there is still a lot of EAB spread to slow.  While the Infested Area Map shows that high-risk areas for EAB include many municipalities, visibly infested trees are still rare in Vermont.

Slow the Spread: We are now in the EAB non-flight season (October 1 – May 31)

While EAB has spread into most of Vermont’s counties, it still infests a very small percentage of the state’s total ash trees. Carefully planning and managing the movement of infested or potentially infested material by following Vermont’s “ Slow the Spread” recommendations will provide greater protection for uninfested forests.

Report It! 

If you think you have found EAB or an infested ash tree, report it! Having more information about where EAB is around the state will help all of us in managing the pest.

Managing Ash

If you have questions about managing ash in your woodlot or around your home, or need Use Value Appraisal guidance, check out the resources available at VTinvasives.org.