Artist Creates Sculpture Featuring the Effects of Emerald Ash Borers on Trees at Soldiers Field Park

(ABC 6 News) -- A new feature has been added to Soldiers Field Park to raise awareness for Ash trees and the effects emerald ash borers have on it.

A tree mold made out of concrete has been built near other Ash trees in Soldiers Field Park in Rochester. Many Ash trees are being treated or removed due to Emerald Ash Borers. The artist, Josh Winkler, explains why creating this sculpture outside is important, "I've made a lot of work about humans interacting with the natural world across the country and this just fit in to the kind of themes I was pursuing, but had a public component that I felt like could actually make more of a difference than maybe having work in a gallery where its just seen by a select group of people."

In October, there will be a public reception where he will add some final touches.